Jason Smith

    Jason Smith

    Post-doctoral Loeb Fellow
    Comparative Studies, South Asian Religions
    Jason Smith is interested in the intersection of religion and literature in South Asia. As a comparativist, he is particularly interested in the role that... Read more about Jason Smith
    Eric Nelson

    Eric Nelson

    Robert M. Beren Professor of Government
    Department of Government
    CGIS Knafel Building 403
    1737 Cambridge Street
    Cambridge, MA 02138
    p: 617-496-1737
    Jorden Sharick

    Jorden Sharick

    PhD Candidate
    North American Religions
    Social Sciences

    Jorden's research focuses on the intersections of power, identity, and religious practice. His dissertation project explores stories of racial...

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    Todne Thomas

    Todne Thomas

    Assistant Professor of African American Religions (HDS)
    Suzanne Young Murray Assistant Professor (Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study)
    BA, Cornell University
    MA, PhD, University of Virginia

    Todne Thomas, PhD, is a socio-cultural anthropologist and Assistant Professor of...

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    Divinity Hall 306
    Harvard Divinity School
    45 Francis Avenue,
    Cambridge, MA 02138
    p: 617-998-5387