Celtic landscape with Druid ruins

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    Satoru Kimura

    Satoru Kimura

    PhD Candidate
    North American Religions

    Satoru Kimura is a doctoral student in the North American Religions subfield. His research focuses on American liberal Christianity in...

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    Julia Hintlian headshot

    Julia Hintlian

    PhD Candidate
    History of Christianity

    Julia Hintlian is a doctoral student in the History of Christianity. She takes a comparative approach to late ancient Christian traditions in the...

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    Elam Jones

    Elam Jones

    PhD Candidate
    History, Religious Thought
    Elam’s research interests focus on the intersections of conflict, memory, public space, and the religious themes guiding symbolic representation. He is also... Read more about Elam Jones
    Harvard Shield

    Joseph Kimmel

    PhD Candidate
    New Testament and Early Christianity

    Joseph's research addresses issues of agency and ontology, particularly in light of contemporary conversations in posthumanism and neo-materialism, and...

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    Michael Mango

    Michael Mango

    PhD Candidate
    Philosophy of Religion
    Michael Mango studies the intersection of philosophy and religious thought in twentieth-century Europe, with a particular interest in Germany and France in the... Read more about Michael Mango