Celtic landscape with Druid ruins

    Kathryn Webber, PhD

    Staff Assistant - ON LEAVE July - Sept 2022

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    Todne Thomas

    Todne Thomas

    Associate Professor of African American Religious Studies (HDS)
    BA, Cornell University
    MA, PhD, University of Virginia

    Todne Thomas, PhD, is a socio-cultural anthropologist and Assistant Professor of...

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    Divinity Hall 306
    Harvard Divinity School
    45 Francis Avenue,
    Cambridge, MA 02138
    p: 617-998-5387

    Eugene Wang

    Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Professor of Asian Art
    Buddhist Art of Asia; Chinese Art, Architecture, and Media Studies
    Founding Director of Harvard FAS CAMLab

    Eugene Y. Wang is the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Professor of Asian Art at Harvard University. A Guggenheim Fellow (2005), he is the...

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