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exterior of Barker Center

Harvard FAS has issued guidelines indicating that the Barker Center will not be accessible to the public and only open on a limited basis to faculty

Barker Center, Boylston Hall, Dana Palmer and Warren House will all be put into unoccupied mode to begin saving energy.



Office of Undergraduate Education Faculty Resources

Please see the resources available through the Office of Undergraduate Education including academic policies, training workshops, and proctoring exams.

Sign-ups for  In-Class Technical Support for Faculty

For those who would benefit from it, OUE can provide in-class technical support for the first few Zoom class meetings. A trained volunteer will join your Zoom class meeting to help address any technical problems that arise for you or your students. If you would like “ride-along” technical support, sign up through this Google Doc and let OUE know when your class will be meeting. 

Bok Center

Sign up with the Bok Center to arrange a consultation with senior staff.


Document: Faculty FAQ from OUE

Teach Remotely Website

Harvard has established a website with resources for those teaching remotely. It has a number of helpful resources.


Information regarding Library Access

- During the COVID-19 crisis, Library Cart reads, think before you speak, read before you think.all FAS library locations are closed to foot traffic, per the Library’s announcement, however, to ensure that online services and resources continue to be made available. As part of this effort, librarians continue to provide chat, reference and consultations through online venues.

- Harvard Libraries has established a website with information about Open Access Resources.

Harvard University Health Services updates:

As of July 6, 2020, HUHS is offering expanded onsite care, see below and their website for more detailed information.

Health and Human Services 6/6/20 update

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Zoom can be found here.

Zoom Tips


Academic Technology, Remote Ready

Office Hours are available for assistance with academic technology. Check here for updated availability:

Below is a a useful matrix created by Academic Technology for deciding which resource to use for particular situations (please click the image to see the full matrix with copyable text and links).

Comparison Matrix Virtual Resources




Instructional Contingency

Dear Teaching Fellows:

As you are all well aware, teaching remotely means being prepared in different ways than in-person teaching. Due to the potential for global outages and interruptions, it is more important than ever to have a clear plan in place should your Internet connection, Zoom meeting, or Canvas class be disrupted. 

In order to better communicate with your students in the event of an issue, the Harvard University Information Technology group has put together a number of valuable instructional contingency recommendations. Topics covered include: What to do if there is a Zoom or Canvas outage, and talking to your students in advance about resuming your class meeting in the event of a disruption or if it is "Zoom bombed."

You can find the full list of recommendations, along with other useful resources, on the IT Help site.