J) What is a "Meeting ID" and how do I find it?

All Zoom meetings have a unique "meeting ID" as well as a unique URL or weblink. Both the Meeting ID and the link are included in Zoom meeting invitations. 

You can join an existing Zoom meeting by clicking the included link OR by entering the Meeting ID. 

How to find a Meeting ID for a scheduled meeting:

  1. Open Zoom Desktop.
  2. Navigate to the top menu and select "meetings." A list of meetings you have scheduled should be listed. Note: the meeting ID should be indicated under the name of the meeting. You can also click on the meeting to find more information.

Image: Note that each Meeting has a name (created by the host) and a unique 9 digit Meeting ID. These are visible both on the left navigation pane and on the right expanded-information pane. In order to see the invitation information for each scheduled meeting, choose "show meeting invitation" in the expanded meeting pane on the right. 

Finding the Zoom Meeting ID

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