Introductory Courses

The Introductory Courses in the Comparative Study of Religion are intended to introduce students to key categories in the study of religion (e.g., scripture, ethics, myth, body and practice), both within a comparative context (specifically in more than three traditions) and with significant attention to theoretical and methodological. These courses are an excellent way to explore the field.

An introductory course with a comparative component (one numbered 11 through 20) is required of all concentrators, and students are advised to take one during their first three semesters at Harvard. Currently offered introductory courses include the following:

Religion 12. Critical Issues in the Comparative Study of Religion
Religion 13. Scriptures and Classics
Religion 20. Ethnographies of Religion, Texts and Contexts

Other courses designed for undergraduates exploring the concentration:

Religion 25: Introduction to Judaism
Religion 40. Incarnation and Desire: An Introduction to Christianity
Religion 50. Religion, Law and American Politics: Seminar
Religion 57: Faith and Authenticity: Religion, Existentialism and the Human Condition
Religion 1003: Comparative Religion: History, Challenge, Potential
Religion 1006: Religion and Literature: An Introduction
Religion 1018: African American Religions: An Introduction
Religion 1806: The Vocabulary of Islam