Petitions in the Th.D. program

Any student who wishes to replace one ancient language for another; take a leave of absence; or take extra time beyond the time allowed for languages, studying for Generals, preparing the Dissertation prospectus, or writing the Dissertation must petition for an extension of time. Petitions for extensions of time should include: 1) a summary of progress, 2) if applicable, an indication of any circumstances that have made progress difficult, 3) a probable time-table for completion of the requirement, and 4) the countersignature of your advisor. Though petitions need to be addressed to the Director of Th.D. Studies, they must be given to Kathryn Kunkel, the Th.D. Administrator. Petitions are reviewed by the Director of Th.D. Studies and occasionally may be brought up before the Doctoral Subcommittee. Please remember that petitions are not automatically approved.

N.B. Th.D. students who wish to take a one-year leave of absence should also consult the Registrar in order to review her or his account and to clarify such matters as tuition credit and insurance coverage. Please consult the Divinity School Handbook for further details. Students should, of course, also discuss this step with their advisor and with the Th.D. Administrator.