Th.D. Timeline


The First Two Years: Pre-Generals Requirements

Th.D. Plan of Study

  • The student must, in consultation with the advisor, submit a Plan of Study during their first term by early November to the program administrator. This plan will be reviewed by the Director of ThD studies.


  • Courses required for specialization
  • Common Doctoral Seminar (first semester)


  • Two modern languages of secondary scholarship
  • Other languages as required for specialization

Second Year Review

  • To occur by the end of the fourth semester

Year Three: Generals

General Examinations

  • to be completed by the end of the third year

Year Four: Prospectus

Dissertation Prospectus

  • To be completed and accepted within one year of taking of the general exams

Year Five and Following: Dissertation

The Dissertation

  • To be completed normally within seven years of entrance to the program
  • After approval of the prospectus, at least one chapter per year must be submitted to the advisor