Tutorial System

Tutorials are the core of our program. They are designed as a sequence of small seminars focused on critical thinking and writing skills. They are our most important courses, and students should treat them as such. The Sophomore tutorial is usually taught by faculty members; junior tutorials are taught by advanced graduate students; and the senior tutorial involves faculty, graduate students, and the Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Students entering the concentration late can make up Religion tutorials. Only in rare instances can they be replaced by other courses.

Tutorial Staff

The tutorial staff consists of faculty members and advanced graduate students who offer tutorials to juniors and seniors in the Study of religion. Because junior tutorials provide specialized, in-depth study of particular themes, texts, traditions, or time periods, tutors can offer tutorials in their expertise. An undergraduate may work with a junior tutor, or encounter a section leader in a large religion course, someone who shares his or her interests, and approach that person about being their senior thesis advisor.

Along with members of the tutorial staff, teaching fellows and house tutors in religion gather regularly during the semester to discuss the teaching process and related issues like advising and grading. Occasionally, resource persons from the Writing Center, Bureau of Study Counsel, and the Bok Center for Teaching and Learning are invited to conduct these meetings and offer advice. All graduate students teaching in the religion concentration are requested to participate in workshops sponsored by the Bok Center for Teaching and Learning. In general, tutors and teaching fellows are an important resource for undergraduate concentrators, and we encourage students to seek their counsel.