Year Three: Th.D. Teaching

Doctoral students are encouraged to take advantage of the many opportunities for teaching at Harvard. These opportunities include teaching in Religion courses, in Divinity School courses, in Core or Gen Ed courses, in courses in other FAS departments, and in junior and senior tutorials in the undergraduate concentration. Generally students who wish to teach are able to secure positions. In addition to its financial benefits, teaching is considered integral to the program of doctoral studies in religion at Harvard.

Students may begin teaching in the third year. Normally first-year and second-year students are not allowed to teach. Students should seek out teaching fellow positions by approaching faculty with whom they would like to work. It is helpful to give them a resume with a cover letter indicating experience and subject matter preferences. To serve as a tutor in the undergraduate program, contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Study of Religion. In addition, you may apply for teaching fellow opportunities at the Divinity School through Kathryn Kunkel, ThD Administrator, Barker 413.

Teaching fellow training and workshops are held throughout the year at the Bok Center for Teaching and Learning. First time teaching fellows are required to participate in the Bok Center orientation week training sessions. In addition, teaching fellow workshops focusing on the study of religion are held throughout the year. Among these, certain sessions will be required for first-time Teaching Fellows, including an HDS Workshop on their course websites and other IT issues. The Departmental Teaching Fellow coordinates these, with the ThD and PhD Program Administrators; any of them may be contacted about the schedule, which will be posted on the TF website.