Carleigh Ann Beriont

Carleigh Ann Beriont

PhD Candidate
Religions of the Americas
Carleigh Beriont

Carleigh Beriont is a PhD candidate in the Committee on the Study of Religion at Harvard University, where she works on the history of American religions and politics with a focus on United States empire, missionaries, and militarism in the Pacific. She received an MTS in Religion, Ethics, and Politics from Harvard Divinity School and a BA from Mount Holyoke College. Previously, Carleigh lived and worked in the Republic of the Marshall Islands.


Currently, she is writing a dissertation entitled “‘For the Good of Mankind’: Marshallese, Missionaries, Militaries and the Making of American Empire in the Pacific: 1857-1966.”


Areas of study: American religious history; religion and politics; religion and U.S. empire; religion and the American West; Pacific and Oceania; mission studies; religion, ethnicity, and race; religion and climate change; religious freedom


You can find her at or on twitter @CarleighBeriont.

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