Charles M. Stang

Charles M. Stang

Associate Professor of Early Christian Thought
Charles M. Stang

AB, Harvard College
MDiv, University of Chicago
ThD, Harvard Divinity School

Charles Stang joined the Faculty of Divinity in July 2008. His research and teaching focus on the history and theology of Christianity in late antiquity, especially Eastern varieties of Christianity. His recent research centers on the development of the ascetico-mystical tradition in Eastern Christianity, and focuses on the early sixth-century theologian "Pseudo" Dionysius the Areopagite, who is widely regarded as the fountainhead of negative theology. He is currently at work on a book-length project on the theme of the divine "twin" in early Christianity and in adjacent philosophical and religious traditions. Other interests include ancient philosophy, especiallly Neoplatonism; the Syriac Christian tradition, especially the spread of the East Syrian tradition along the Silk Road; religions of the late antique Mediterranean; and modern continental philosophy and theology, especially as they intersect with the study of religion.

Professor Stang is currently teaching; his last leave was 2011-2012.

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