D. Andrew Teeter

D. Andrew Teeter

Professor of Hebrew Bible (HDS)
D. Andrew Teeter

MA, University of Wisconsin, Madison
PhD, University of Notre Dame

Andrew Teeter began teaching at Harvard Divinity School in 2008. His research centers on the modalities, techniques, aims, and motivations of early Jewish biblical interpretation, particularly as it intersects with the textual development of the Hebrew scriptures (with emphasis on inner-biblical interpretation, composition history, canon formation, ancient biblical translation, and the exegetical literature of so-called rewritten Bible). His teaching interests include a range of topics in the literature, history, and theology of the Hebrew Bible, with a focus on the history of interpretation, ancient and modern. Teeter is currently working on several projects relating to scribal hermeneutics, forms of interpretation, and models for transmission and translation of scripture in Jewish antiquity. Among these projects is a book on exegesis in the scribal transmission of biblical law in the Second Temple period, examining the degree to which early Jewish scribes deliberately altered scriptural texts for legal-exegetical purposes.

Professor Teeter is currently teaching.

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