Teaching & Professionalization

Welcome to the central hub for our graduate teaching community in the CSR! This section of the website will be regularly updated throughout the year with links, upcoming events, and all manner of resources designed to help each of us grow as educators. Check back often!

Harvard Gate

This year, PhD students in the CSR have two peer resources for managing teaching logistics and pursuing pedagogical development:

  • Carleigh Beriont is a G6 in American Religious History and this year's Bok Pedagogy Fellow. She works mainly with first-time teaching fellows but is also happy to work with returning TFs. She conducts teaching observations and provides feedback for individual TFs (by request) as well as offers pedagogical support and guidance on topics related to teaching and professional development for graduate students in the Committee on the Study of Religion. 
  • Lucy Ballard is a G5 in Islamic Studies and American Religion and this year's HDS TF Liaison. She is a peer resource for questions, concerns, logistics, and general trouble-shooting regarding all aspects of teaching at Harvard--everything from "how do I use the sectioning tool?" to "what do I do if a student doesn't come to class?" Throughout the year, she will also be updating and improving this "Teaching and Professionnalization" section of the CSR website. Check back often for helpful links and updates about upcoming events!

Together, we are working on two initiatives:

1. The All-New CSR/HDS TF Canvas page: 

We envision this site as a space to share resources/best practices for teaching (related to content and delivery) and as a space to discuss experiences and raise questions outside of our formal workshops and Zoom office hours. It will contain resources on professionalization and preparing for the job market, syllabuses, and teaching statement examples as well as links to resources from the Bok Teaching WebsiteHDS Resources for Online Learning, resources from other departments' pedagogy courses, and more. This will be updated regularly throughout the semester. If you would like access, please be in touch with Carleigh by email. 

2. Workshops and Office Hours:

Our workshops, events, and consultations are open to all of you. We will hold scheduled Zoom office hours monthyly for TFs to drop in with general questions or to discuss specific pedagogical issues. We are also both available by email or Slack to respond to questions or schedule alternative times to meet.

We will host 5-6 workshops throughout the academic year. These sessions will be designed not only to help each of us grow as educators, but also to serve as spaces of mutual support for the difficult yet rewarding work of teaching and to build our graduate teaching community in the field of religion. Topics addressed might include developing our teaching portfolios, anti-racist pedagogy and positionality in the classroom, and creative use of online tools. At least once during the year we hope to invite recent graduates from the CSR to speak on the importance of teaching experience in their navigation of the job market and to share best practices for all stages of teacher development.

We look forward to working with each of you & continuing to spotlight the important role of teaching in our doctoral program!

Carleigh & Lucy