Teaching Fellows - CATS

CATS – the Central Application for Teaching Sections – is a pilot online tool designed to enhance the visibility of teaching fellowships in the Humanities and Social Sciences and to simplify the process for students seeking these opportunities.

CATS is open for select spring 2017 Teaching Fellowships: https://apps2.registrar.fas.harvard.edu/cats

What is CATS?

CATS is a pilot tool graduate students use to submit their qualifications to become a Teaching Fellow in select courses in the Humanities and Social Sciences. During this pilot phase, only Teaching Fellowships in select courses in the departments below will be Open via CATS.

Pilot Departments include Government, History, History of Science, Sociology, Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality, and General Education courses taught by faculty in these departments. Select courses in all departments in the Humanities and Social Sciences are expected to participate in CATS beginning in fall 2017.

How do graduate students use CATS?

Students may browse those select courses using the tool. Students use CATS to present their qualifications to the pertaining academic department to express interest in available Teaching Fellow opportunities.

How do academic departments use CATS?

Academic departments select courses with Teaching Fellow opportunities that will be open to students via CATS. Administrators and faculty receive the qualifications submitted by students, review them, and select Teaching Fellows. The review and selection process takes place outside of CATS and varies by department. Administrators and faculty will communicate confirmation of selection for teaching appointments outside the CATS tool. Before using CATS, students should read carefully and understand policies and procedures as they apply to Teaching Fellows as outlined in the GSAS Handbook (Chapter VIII; Teaching Fellowships).

Questions about using CATS?

Please go to HUIT for technical questions and click "Get Help."

Questions about policies and procedures as they apply to Teaching Fellows may be directed to the Office of Student Affairs in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences: studaff@fas.harvard.edu or 617-495-1814. Feedback may also be sent to studaff@fas.harvard.edu and is encouraged

CATS Project Team

  • Alice Belser, History of Science
  • Kali Cogan, HUIT
  • Patrick O’Brien, GSAS
  • Arthur Patton-Hock, American Studies
  • Mark Crazz Richard, HUIT
  • Ian Richmond, Office of Undergraduate Education
  • Candida Smith, Program in General Education
  • Andrew Sonnenschein, HUIT
  • Gwen Urdang-Brown, English
  • Candice Wesson, Office of Undergraduate Education